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Daniel Green

Farming Simulator 17 Update 1.4

Dags att ladda ner senaste patchen för Farming Simulator 17.

Improved handling of bunker silos (1.4)
Improved handling of levelers (1.4)
Various engine optimizations (1.4)
Improved loading of old savegames (1.4)
Various improvements in graphics and functions of the vehicles (1.4)
Fixed issues with conveyors (1.4)
Fixed various map issues (1.4)
Improved helper (1.4)
Various improvements when tipping anywhere (1.4)
Improvements with the forestry (1.4)
Fixed issues with the animals (1.4)
Various improvements for the GUI (1.4)
Various improvements in the multiplayer and the dedicated servers (1.4)
Fixed several localization issues (1.4)
Improved compatibility with several input devices (1.4)
Fixed various other smaller issues (1.4)

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