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60 Brands & 200 Items
Reverse drive tractors
Reverse drive Pottinger mowers
More forestry equipment available
Vehicles and equipment can be leased and tested before purchase
Customizable tractors: color, type, engine, optional parts

New animals – Pigs

Forestry remains in the game
Sunflowers, Soya beans
Sunflowers will turn to face the sun

Sharper textures
Improved shaders
Better graphics for scenery
More light sources available

Modding Support:
Modding support now available for consoles

AI and Helper:
Optimisation of AI Helper

Game Play:
Small objects can be picked up ’by hand’ and thrown

Other Features:
Choose between male or female avatar
In-game radio with internet streaming
Drivable trains for transporting goods, with a mechanism to strap down cargo like logs

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